Men's Brogue/Correspondent


The Spectator/ Co-respondent shoe originates from the nineteenth century, reaching its popularity during the 1920’s and 1930’s and still remains a classic shoe today. Style a low heeled oxford, semi-brogue, brogue in two contasting colours.

They are said to be called Co-respondent shoes because they were often left outside hotel rooms, ostensibly to be cleaned, as an easily identifiable signal that hanky-panky should be assumed to be taking place within. This was because the only cause for divorce at the time was adultery by one partner. For a couple to arrange a divorce in an amicable way, one member — it was commonly the man — had to be caught in flagrante with another woman. A minor industry grew up in which housemaids in hotels augmented their meagre wages by giving evidence of having found the supposedly adulterous couple in bed together. (